Course curriculum

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    Holistic Parenting Summit

    • Welcome

    • How it works and what you get!

    • What IS Holistic Parenting?

    • Guest speaker Anastasia Borserio- Fulfilment in motherhood - don’t leave your dreams out in the cold

    • Maira Jorba- Intro to Aware Parenting

    • Melissa Hughes- Navigating Boundaries and Conflict

    • Tanya Adams- The key elements to abundant and healthy living

    • Carol Liknaitzky and Jake Wearing- Deep observation and contemplation as a simple holistic tool for magical change

    • Kirsty Foster- Values guided parenting

    • LIVE PANEL discussion

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    Workshops and Webinars


    • Parent Workshop: Re-visioning 2021

  • 3


    • Connecting with a Vision of the Future- 4 part Podcast with Carol Liknaitzky and Jake Wearing

    • The Importance of Relationship podcast With Danella Connors and Emily Oldmeadow

    • Is there such thing as a 'naughty' child? With Carol Liknaitzky and Samantha Levy

    • Bringing Awareness to Parenting with Maira Jorba- 2 part Podcast

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    BONUS content

    • Sleep essentials and ideas

    • How do I get them to LISTEN?!

    • Tantrums

    • Lockdown with high energy kids!!

    • 5 Step process for Navigating conflict and big feels!

    • Building and deepening connection